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. very nice guy. i am speechless. i am shocked. >> reporter: the shooter, the fbi releasing his photo, paul ciancia who authorities say opened fire with a a high powered rifle. >> security in terminal 3. >> witnesses say there was a chaotic scene saying he started shooting outside the check point. as the police raced in he made it back to the terminal near the departure gate. passengers ducked for cover and some even hid in a bathroom stall. officers had their guns drawn yelling at passengers to drop to the floor. >> on the floor! on the floor! >> as people ran as fast as they could, the panic and the lock down that followed blocked ambulances from getting close causing rescue wokers to race hundreds of yards to get the wounded to safety. witnesses say the shooter was armed with multiple guns. when he ran out of bullets in one, he allegedly grabbed another. >> i heard gunshots. a few seconds later i saw him coming up the elevator and walk by 10 feet away with his gunpointed. >> hernandez, a behavioral detection officer hired to recognize strange behavior, shot dead. two other officer
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1